We also Repair any Swimming Pool or Spa issues. Nothing to small or too big for us. 

  • Replace Pumps: We offer energy efficient pumps that will save you up to 90% electricity on top of a lovely 3 year warranty.
  • Replace or Rebuild Filters: We can make your life easier with new style filters that require less maintenance.
  • Upgrade Control Panel: You can upgrade to a system that is as easy as a phone app.
  • Replace, Rebuild or Upgrade Lighting: If your pool is not bright enough or efficient enough we can upgrade you to low voltage LED lighting.
  • Re-pour decks: If your deck is cracking or it simply looks ugly….. we got you covered.
  • Re-tile and Sand Blast: Sometime a simple sand blast will fix all the calcium growing on your tile.
  • Add Service Lines: Sometimes your pool will be missing a vacuum line and it becomes a hassle to maintain or sometimes there is not enough return lines to make the debris go away.
  • Re-plaster: Traditional plaster is one of the longest lasting surfaces and that’s why I only recommend plaster. You also can customize the color of your water by choosing a color or texture.
  • Electrical issues: Electrical problems should be taken care immediately because of the danger they present.